Illustration for Self Publishing Authors


I work with self publishing authors who are committed to producing the highest quality print or ebook and have the dedication and resources needed to reach that goal. Whether you need illustration for a 32 page children's book you are self publishing, a cover for a novel, humorous black & white spots or a book with any amount of illustration in between, I can provide that illustration.

You can see many more examples of my children's book illustrations here.

If you are not sure if you want to self publish or pursue a traditional publisher please carefully research each option and make an informed decision. The big advantage to working with a traditional publisher is that they will pay you to publish your book. They will also pay the illustrator and all of the production costs. The publisher will also select the illustrator.

If you decide to self publish it will be up to you to find the illustrator who will create the illustrations for your book. The book market is incredibly competitive, so using the absolute highest quality illustration is imperative to the success of your self published book. For the book buyer confronted with innumerable choices, a book often is judged by its cover. Know at the outset that a professional illustrator will not create your illustrations on spec. Additionally, I suggest using a dedicated designer for the design aspects of the project. Many can do a passable job of both illustration and design but it is the rare individual indeed who truly excels at both.

One last thought on quality. If your goal is to produce a top notch product then use a top notch printer. Nothing will negate all of your hard work faster than a mediocre print job. I recommend either Friesens or PrintNinja.

The Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators has a great deal of helpful information for the self publishing author. Feel free to contact me if you decide self publishing is the right path for you.