About Illustration Pricing & Licensing

Commissioned illustration and the licensed usage of existing illustration are priced in the same manner. Usage is the main factor in determining the fee. Deadline and the complexity of the artwork are also taken into consideration in the case of commissioned illustration. When commissioning new work or licensing existing art, the original artwork always remains the property of the illustrator unless purchased by an additional separate fee. Most of the work on this site is available for licensed usage. High resolution digital files are available for both traditionally and digitally created work and changes can quickly be made to suit a particular need.

With a range between $200 - $100,000+, It is impossible to give more specific numbers without knowing the usage, number of illustrations needed, deadline and the overall complexity of the project. Call or email for a free quote on your next project or to license an existing image. Please have the following information if applicable:

1. The usage - how & where will the art be used and how many times

2. The time period of the license desired

3. The geographical area the work will be licensed to be used in


About the Sale of Original Art

Unless specifically noted in a written contract and purchased by an additional separate fee, all copyrights to an original artwork remain with the artist when the original art is sold.

Notes on sizing: The dimensions given for the landscape paintings displayed on this site identify the actual image size only - the framed size will be larger, in some cases significantly larger. Call or email for exact framed dimensions.