The Adventures of Archaeological Doug is a book series about a 13 year old boy named Douglass and his eight year old sister, Sandy. Their parents are archaeology professors and during school vacations, allow Doug and Sandy to tag along to various dig sites around the world. During these trips, the brother/sister team dig up unknown artifacts. By using their imagination, they are transported back in time and get a glimpse of how the world may have looked generations ago. On every trip, Doug and Sandy get help from local residents; one of which, is usually a young boy or girl. They guide Doug and his sister helping gather clues to ultimately figure out the use of these artifacts.

In this first volume, Doug and his family are in southern China. They discovered an unusual artifact and are trying to identify its use. With the help of a young girl named Jun, they slowly find the right people in the village to get the answer they need. There are a few setbacks and bumps in the road along the way, but that is what a quest is all about. In the end, Doug and Sandy use their imagination, knowledge, and sense of adventure in a way that creates an inseparable bond between brother and sister; at least at dig sites. Back home its a little different. They argue about what movie to see; where to eat on "Fast Food Fridays"; and who's turn is it to take their dog for his walk. Give them gloves, a shovel, and a lot of dirt, however, and they are almost of one mind.

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